Our Journey

Quality Integrated Agro was established with the ultimate objective of producing high quality processed and further processed poultry, meat, egg and it's related products. With an integrated supply chain-the beauty of our operation is that every step of the production process is directly controlled by us- from farm to table.


Our Own Healthy DOCs

The start of every farming process begins with the right quality DOCs in the farm. With our environment controlled breeder sheds we produce our own Day Old Chicks with strict biosecurity protocols and hatchery management ensuring the start of our production process allows for the end chicken to be worthy of your taste.


Our Own Safe Feed

Raising healthy chicken is impossible without feeding them a proper diet free from adulteration. Being a pioneer in the feed industry and one of the largest feed mills in Bangladesh we understand the importance of safe feeding, and that is why our feed is made from only the best raw materials free from any harmful substances such as antibiotics, heavy metal and meat and bone meal.


Our Own Modern Farming

Safe farming is an integral part for ensuring safe meat and this is an area where we put in a great deal of focus. We rely on our own chicken, raised in our own farms in Habiganj and managed by our own team of experts. The farming team ensures all the right biosecurity and environment protocols are adhered to allowing for our chicken to be raised in a manner where they are healthy, disease free and happy.


HACCP And ISO Certified Processing Plant

Our state of the art processing plant has been designed with the help of leading experts meeting all HACCP and international standard protocols. With such an automated system of production, we have successfully been able to minimize human input thus leading to better product quality and efficiency. Keeping hygiene and consistency in mind the plant also operates its own water treatment plant for water supply which is even fit for human consumption.


Zero Antibiotics and Preservatives

We understand the value our customers place in eating safe and healthy and it is our commitment to make sure no form of harmful substances are used in our products. We have a strict policy of zero antibiotic and preservative use in every stage of production so that our customers can enjoy our chicken with utmost confidence.


100 % Halal Certified

We are a halal certified processing plant, ensuring all our processed chicken are slaughtered in accordance with Shariah (Islamic) Board and Halal guidelines. We have been certified by Halal Bangladesh Services Ltd (Certificate No. HBM10010320//207), a leading institute in Bangladesh and recognized by the World Halal Council.


Quality Control at its Finest

The company can't over-stress the importance of maintaining quality, safety and hygiene. A dedicated QC team constantly monitors production protocols, the laboratory checks the ingredients and final products while regular antibiotic tests are done by a third party. Starting from farming to final delivery the whole process is under constant monitoring allowing us to provide the safest meat in Bangladesh.


Hygienic inputs

Our plant has strict hygiene protocols to ensure our birds are processed in a clean and safe manner. In this regard we have installed a Water Treatment Plant (WTP) which filters the underground water using the reverse osmosis system and an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) which treats the waste water of any impurities allowing for sustainable water use.


Optimal Resource management

Making the best use of our resources is a big part of our thinking process and we try and ensure minimum waste from our plant. We have installed a rendering plant that coverts unused chicken parts into poultry meal which is used as a high protein input in our feed operations.


Logistics Network

Maintaining proper cool chain in the delivery process is crucial in maintaining the high standard of quality we commit to our customers. That is why we have invested in our own fleet of temperature controlled vehicles to ensure our products stay fresh and tasty until they reach our customers.