Frequently Asked Questions

Our poultry processing plant is situated on 3 acres of land in Habiganj, Mantala.

From our farm to your table we ensure proper quality checks are done at each stage so you get the best quality meat. Farming and feeding is done in a manner which is safe and free from antibiotics. Our state of the art production plant in Habiganj, Mantala ensures Halal Slaughtering while processing is done under strict HACCP protocols.

Being a pioneer in the feed industry and one of the largest feed mills in Bangladesh we understand the importance of safe feeding, and that is why our feed is made from only the best raw materials free from any harmful substances such as antibiotics, heavy metal and meat and bone meal.

We are a Halal Certified company where we use certified people of faith to ensure Halal Slaughtering.

It is our commitment to make sure no form of harmful substances are used in our products. We have a strict policy of zero antibiotic and preservative use in every stage of production so that our customers can enjoy our chicken with utmost confidence. Regular antibiotic tests are done by a third party to validate our zero antibiotic use claim.

We rely on our own chicken, raised in our own farms in Habiganj and managed by our own team of experts. The farming team ensures all the right biosecurity and environment protocols are adhered to allowing for our chickens to be raised in a manner where they are healthy, disease free and happy.

All our further processed snacks are available for home delivery where you will get your desired products within 2 hours of ordering. If you want to purchase from retail outlets near you they are available in Meena Bazaar, Unimart, Lavender, Dhali, Medhi Mart, Jamuna Wholesale Club, Prince Bazaar and some other local superstores.

Q-Bistro is a fast food chain restaurant concept where we sell our further processed items through a franchisee model. Our menu includes our mouth watering items such as fried chicken, nuggets, burgers, sandwiches, etc. We have a strict policy in selecting our franchisee and its operation. If you are interested to become a franchisee call for more details.