Product Categories

Dressed Chicken with Skin Dressed Chicken with Skin 300 BDT 270 BDT
Dressed Chicken without Skin Dressed Chicken without Skin 320 BDT 288 BDT
Chicken Drumstick Chicken Drumstick 405 BDT 365 BDT
Chicken Wings Chicken Wings 300 BDT 270 BDT
Chicken Breast Boneless Chicken Breast Boneless 530 BDT 477 BDT
Chicken Leg with Bone Chicken Leg with Bone 410 BDT 369 BDT
Chicken Thigh Chicken Thigh 400 BDT 360 BDT
Chicken Leg Boneless Chicken Leg Boneless 519 BDT 467 BDT
Chicken Thigh Boneless Chicken Thigh Boneless 435 BDT 392 BDT
Chicken Keema Chicken Keema 550 BDT 495 BDT